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Welcome to the world of thewa art pratapgarh, Thewa Art Pratapgarh in is a professional artists of Pratapgarh, a new district of Rajasthan. At this site you will get beautiful hand crafted different thewa jewellery products. At thewa art pratapgarh we have tried to directly bring the manufacturers of the thewa art to customers no middle person or company involved our valued customer can directly place order from our web site. You have to choose the products, give it's product code and send money through bank draft or SWIFT/TT , money transfer in advance you can place order through email or phone or through web site. We will make the jewellery items for you and we will ship it to your address time of shipment depends on the design of the item.
History of Thewa art Pratapgarh : What is thewa art Pratapgarh ?
The thewa art pratapgarh can be traced back approx. 400 years when the rulers of Pratapgarh gave a land grant to the families of thewa artisans in the area practicing the craft. The thewa artisans, all Hindus, belong to the Soni caste. Thewa is an art of fusing gold sheets on to glass but different to enameling. Different type of designs are engraved on the gold sheet and put on to the glass and encased in silver or gold.
The designs are traditional as well as modern Heritage fashion to suit the requirement of present time, Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23ct gold with multicolored glass. The process followed is detailed and intricate. Patterned sheet of pure gold is fused onto colored glass to create a unit. Each unit consists of a flat piece of transparent glass, of different colors intentionally suggesting ruby, emerald and sapphire.
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